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My parents SUPERfans!

"Moi rodzice SUPERkibice!" (My parents SUPERfans!) is an educational project of PsychoSportica enthusiasts dedicated to young players’ parents and coaches. The problem we face on a daily basis is best reflected in the video that attracted Poles’ attention:

Have you ever attended kids’ sport events during which parents rather than encourage their children to take part in competition for fun and engage them through positive motivation, do something opposite?

Standing on the sideline, parents tend to insult referees, criticise coaches, instruct and direct their children without giving them a possibility to make independent decisions; they dispirit them and exert pressure. Do you also feel that it has to change? Sport should create/encompass solely good, positive emotions, and the example should be set by the closest people, namely their parents.

How it shouldn't be.

How it should be.

If you are the one who seeks positive change in youth sports too, you can do it! Our mission is to influence through education and informative banners on both the way of thinking and behaviour of parents who, often unconsciously, instead of supporting their children, they hurt them.

If you are tired of the ‘field shouters’ you can start the positive change with us!

Taking the British and American examples as a model we know that such campaigns are effective and appeal to parents’ imagination. We were inspired by informative boards placed by American Youth Soccer Organisation near the area of children football games.


Waka-Take team from Japan supporting our programme.

This campaign has changed the way parents perceive their kids’ game. We can do it, too! Yet another example is the UEFA Respect programme, which drew coaches and kids sports activists’ attention to the scale of the problem a few years ago.

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